Thrift Store Tuesday | Lace Errythang.

Lace anything is always the move.

I picked up this greenish lace top at Ohio Thrift a while ago and I finally have gotten the chance to wear it. It cost me only about $2.00 and it was worth all 200 pennies!

I wore it with a simple pair of jeans and a pony tail and it turned out super cute!

thrift store tuesday - lace 3 thrift store tuesday - lace thrift store tuesday - lace2

I’m dyyyyying for the chance to wear this again!

What are some cool things you’ve gotten from the Thrift Store? Comment and let me know to be featured next week!

Thrift Store Tuesday | Christian Dior Trench Coat

It’s Thrift Store Tuesday! Who says you can’t find trendy clothes at your local thrift shop?

I haven’t been thrifting for very long and I don’t do it often, but when I do…I come across some cool stuff. I thought of the idea of doing Thrift Store Tuesday to highlight some of the stuff I have gotten and stuff from friends. Hopefully we can keep this going by you all sending me images or videos and descriptions of items you have came across during your thrift store adventures.

Coming across designer brands at the thrift store is common for good thrifters. My good friend David came across this Christian Dior trench coat during one of his thrifting adventures and got it for about $35!

“It has the inner lining, it’s super warm and slightly heavy. Love it!” – David

Tell me another place you can find Christian Dior for $35?

Check out the video of David rocking his designer trench and let me know what you think!