Throwback Thursday | “All Is Full of Love” – Bjork

I’ve been in my feelings lately (I blame Drake) so most of the music I have been indulging in are sappy love songs.

This one in particular is not one that captures many people I know but it is on my top 10 of my all time favorite songs, EVER!

Bjork is an Icelander singer/songwriter who I know nothing about but this song.

I saw this video on MTV a long time ago on a random day at 2am. At first, I was extremely confused and thrown off by the two female, kissing robots who clearly were in love. But after hearing the song again, the video began to make sense.

Not sure where director, Chris Cunningham, was going with this one but here is what I get:

“You’ll be given love, you’ll be taken care of.”

The song is talking about everything being full of love. No matter what you do, where you go, who you talk to, you should do it all with love. Remove all hate from your heart and fill yourself with love and peace. If two lesbian robots can find love and feel loved, so can you. But, don’t you go out trying to rush love. You will be given it when it is your time to receive it.

This video is….different. I challenge you to look beyond the obvious and really listen to the lyrics and understand the concept.

Let me know what you think!

“All Is Full of Love” | Bjork

Throwback Thursday | “Clint Eastwood” – Gorillaz

Gorillaz is an interesting band because I have no clue what they look like in real life. And this song is a classic!

You have this super odd, mellow, emo-esque band adding this hard-raspy rapper over a beat that sounds like it’s soaked in sorrow and you come out with a masterpiece.

“I’m useless, but not for long.”

The thing that draws me in about this song is the fact that he is singing about being so happy and having sunshine in a bag, but yet, he sounds so depressed. Weird.

According to there a deeper meaning behind the song that you all should check out.

My opinion on it: it’s like when someone KNOWS you’re feeling some type of way, but they still ask “how are you?” and you respond with “I’m fine.” This song is like that moment.


Enjoy this Throwback as will I!

“Clint Eastwood” | Gorillaz