Nights with Nish – Back and better than before!

I’m so excited that Nights with Nish is back and definitely better than I have ever been able to do it before.

Nights with Nish (NWN) is a vlog series that started late 2012. I had a PC and an iPhone and wasn’t able to cover all of the topics I hoped for. I also was forced to use Windows Movie Maker to create the webisodes. Have you ever used that? Exactly.

I am so excited for the line-up of interviewees I have for this upcoming season. Beginning in March you will see interviews from people who dabble in music, poetry, entrepreneurship and more!

I have to give a special thanks to my good friend, Eloy Pacheco, who took my ideas and put them on paper perfectly. I cannot thank him enough!



Stay tuned by visiting for Nights with Nish webisodes! Want to be featured on a webisode? Email tjecomm(@)gmail(dot)com.