Strictly for the Cypher.

So, last month the MOB participated in a Columbus Cypher (I mean I guess you can call it that but I’m not going to go there again) and it was…interesting.

It amazes me how the city has not embraced this group of people but then again, I’m not surprised.

The music industry has been so congested with foolery over hot beats that it’s nearly impossible for the average person to really listen and understand music. All people hear is a beat and they’re like “aw yeah bro that sh*t crack for real!” Bro what? You seriously have Chief Keef and Trinidad James in your top 5 dawg? GTFOH!

But now I’m ranting…

The MOB guys were not able to perform their verses in its entirety so what better way to get those verses heard than to record it yourself, right?

The track features artists Sledge, Riggz, and Madd and they have come around this time with a “f*ck your feelings” mentality.

I told ya’ll that Words Unspoken was the first and last time Riggz was going to let you in on his feelings and personal life. He made himself vulnerable and he is not going to do it again. Riggz is pissed off and you can hear it on this track and upcoming music that has yet to be released.

We all know Madd has always been rude AF and that will never change. I highly doubt Madd will ever get intimate with us on the music unless his dreams of meeting Nicki finally come true…then again he may brag even more! Madd gives you a quick verse full of intricate lines that makes you pay attention. He has that kind of style that really forces you to pay attention or you’ll miss it.

Sledge gets on this track and continues to bring us that B. Sledge swagger that we all know and love. You can tell that he is becoming more comfortable with his flow and he really goes in on this track. He also mentions his love for ratchet girls but I mean….what’s new? He has the longest verse on this track and he goes on every line. I can already see that People Champ’s 2 is going to be craaaay with just the little amount of tracks I have heard.

These guys are non-stop and there’s another MOB takeover season on the rise. With Bizz releasing his second E.P. titled “Snow and Cold” set to drop January 5 and the rest of the guys in and out of the studio recently, it is only a matter of time.

Check out “Strictly for the Cypher” and let me know what you guys think:

Unspoken Words Have Proven a Point

If you know me, you know I appreciate good music. Luckily for me, great music is spewing out of a couple guys I grew up with. These guys are on the verge of taking not only hip-hop, but music to a new level.

Columbus, Ohio has many talented artists within the hip-hop realm and fairly new to the scene are Riggz and Madd Rich of the MOB. You probably have seen me mention them on my Nights With Nish: MOB Edition vlog talking about their mixtapes Words Unspoken and Point Proven that were released yesterday as an H$R (H-Madd & Riggz) set. Both mixtapes are PHENOMENAL and very different.

Point Proven

madd richMadd Rich aka H Madd’s first mixtape entitled “Point Proven” is very hard. By hard, I mean not only sweet f***! But hard as in raw….he doesn’t hold anything back. On this mixtape, Madd had the goal of proving the point that he is not one to be overlooked in this industry. This guy is extremely lyrical due to the fact that he has the book smarts and the street smarts. And we’re not talking street smarts like totting pistols and selling dope, we’re talking REAL street smarts. Betrayal, love, friendships, family, being constantly over looked and then finally overcoming it all. These are the things that Madd talks about; real life stories.

To prove to you how lyrical this guy is, here’s a line from his song “Madd City”:

“N*gga 23, but tote a 45, just in case a pussy wit a 9 try to take his prime.”

Think about it and get back to me.

Words Unspoken

riggzRiggz has always been, and probably always will be, a very misunderstood person. He has a persona that gives “jokester” and “ladies man” that has followed him around his entire life and he may never shake it; a lot of people take what they see on the surface and run with it. Riggz takes an intimate approach to this mixtape and allows listeners to get to know the real him. A lot of slow tracks with a smooth vibe; something you can ride out to or stare at the ceiling if you’re in your feelings that day. The first tracked entitled “The Mission”, and the second, “Family First” let you know right there what motivates this man and it is constantly revealed through other tracks like “Letter Home”.

Like I said, both Words Unspoken and Point Proven are the hottest mixtapes out right now but tell a different story. Now, go listen for yourself! You can download the mixtapes for free at Hot New Hip Hop.

Listen, enjoy, and let me know what you think!